Route 66 Day 21

Freeways. They are the fastest way (most of the time) to get from point A to point B while driving. But let me tell you there are freeways and then there are California Freeways. We left camp fairly early, like 10:30 for the 3 hour drive into LA.  We went through...

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Route 66 Day 20

Although we are in the desert, the nights are really cold.  Last night the temperature got down into the low 50's. Yet when the sun came up and we woke up, the temp climbed quickly so that by 8am it was in the upper 70's. I thought I would like living in a desert kind...

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Route 66 Day 19

Another travel day today and the second to the last leg of the Route 66 part of our trip. We got up and just had cereal because we had a very long day of travel ahead of us. Although we couldn't take Route 66 the whole way because of road conditions and pulling a...

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Route 66 Day 18

We started our day early and tried to decide what to do to today. Since we had already done the Grand Canyon and Williams, we decided to visit some of the other National Historical sites around Flagstaff. But first, I wanted to kayak. This was the first place where we...

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Route 66 Day 17

Deciding to do as many national, state and county campgrounds as possible and the fact that the stop after this one had virtually no campgrounds at all along the way meant this next stop was only an hour away from the Grand Canyon. We were camping at Kaibab Lake...

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Route 66 Day 16

Today is the day, the day Keith sees the Grand Canyon for the first time.  I was so excited for him to see the majesty and beauty of what nature has done.  I made eggs and french toast again for breakfast and after walking Joey and cleaning up we headed out.  We took...

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Route 66 Day 15

Woke up to the roosters crowing and Jorge's dogs coming to visit. I was not ready to get up so I tried to turn over and go back to sleep.  During the night I had left the inverter on and the alarm sounded at 4 am that the battery was low, down to 10.97 W. I got up and...

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Route 66 Day 14

It’s moving day again and this time we are leaving New Mexico for Arizona. We had a really good time in New Mexico, I think my favorite part was Santa Fe. But today we are on our way to one of the very few “commercial” campgrounds I booked. I found it on a website...

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Route 66 Day 13

Slept great and the day looked beautiful. I wanted to go to Santa Fe to see the city and Keith was onboard. After a breakfast of leftover pizza, we headed out.  Ironically google maps took us on the road right outside the campground and it was aptly named the...

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Route 66 Day 12

Today was a housework day for part of the day. We got a late start, sometimes you just have to take it slow, and made Keith an omlette for breakfast. When we got moving went into Albuquerque to do laundry and fill a propane tank.  We were fairly close to Albuquerque...

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Route 66 Day 11

Woke up at 7 am today after a really lovely night's sleep. Even Joey was quiet but when she saw we were awake she was raring to go. So we got up, got dressed and we all went for a hike. It was so nice. Got some more nice pictures of the area and since it was a travel...

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Route 66 Day 10

Made it to double digits. How about that.  Keith got up very early (4am) and decided he'd slept enough for a while.  I had not. I tried to sleep but didn't work out as well as I planned. But he took the dog for a long walk and that did allow me a little extra sleep. ...

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