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Thanksgiving Day Traditions

Thanksgiving Day Traditions

Happy Thanksgiving Day Traditions Thanksgiving Day traditions vary widely, I'm sure.  In preparation for this holiday post, I looked up a lot of them.  While they included many great traditions, some of which we practice in our home, a couple of my favorites were...

Happy New Year 2022 Goals

Happy New Year 2022! 2021 was a very hard year, probably the hardest I and my family as well as everyone in the world really have had to face. The pandemic didn't go away as we had more than hoped. People struggled with divisions in families and friends. We were again...

Happy Thanksgiving Thought Experiment

Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving posts are usually about counting our blessings and giving thanks.  Steven Johnson compels us to consider this thought experiment:  If your daily newspaper were published once-in-a-century, and it came out today, what would the...

About Me

I love to cook…most of the time.  But finding recipes in a cook book or online is sometimes more work than making the meal.  I wanted a place to keep all my favorite recipes without the hassle.  Hopefully this is the place. Also my kids are always after me to give them the recipes they grew up with. Texting or emailing them gets to be a hassle. So whenever they call, I just put the recipe here so they can look it up on their own.


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Baked Oatmeal

Baked Oatmeal

Baked Oatmeal - I like this recipe because you can make it ahead and bake it the morning you want to serve. - steel cut oats, toasted almonds (chopped), unsweetened coconut (toasted), salt and cinnamon, egg, milk, brown sugar (packed), olive...

Quick Oats Sweet Potato Pancakes

Quick Oats Sweet Potato Pancakes

Quick Oats Sweet Potato Pancakes - I'm always looking for recipes for our week in the Dells. With so many people to feed and so many different tastes, this seemed like a great one for everyone.  I was right. It's become a new favorite....

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