Moving day again. We said goodbye to Diana and Dennis last night so we just had to pack up and get on the road. We had a 5 hour drive through the desert so we got a fairly early start. We also had to drive the many California freeways which always makes Keith feel soooo happy.  The drive started out very uneventful. Because it was Sunday we didn’t encounter much traffic. But it was hot. Our final destination was a campground by/on Lake Meade so I knew it would be hot. But the temperature climbed to 113 degrees. We had the air on high and didn’t stop unless we had to. We did stop at In-n- Out Burger though before we left town. I love that place. Poor Joey hates really hot and she didn’t like this drive very much. Everything was dry and brown. There were some mountains in the distance, San Bernadino Mountains I think but otherwise it was flat and brown. And very very windy. We saw so many dust devils, one that was so big we thought it was a fire.

As we got closer to Las Vegas and Lake Meade we began to see the mountains more. They weren’t as high as the like the Rockys but looked much more fierce.  Barren and desolate. Going around Vegas was cool, I wished I could stop, but onword to Lake Meade. Now the address I entered into google maps was the address listed on my confirmation letter. And as we entered the Lake Meade Conservency Area and got the map of the campgrounds, I realized we were still 90 min away from the our site. I could have cried. We had been driving for at least 6 1/2 hours already and still had 90 min. It was disheartening especially in the heat.  But we finally got there and called ahead so the host would meet us to check in. The campground was small, only about 20 sites in this part, but they had full hookup so we could put the air on. Also this was off season for them, who camps in 105 degree weather, so we had the place pretty much to ourselves. We set up quickly because it was hot and windy and wanted to turn the air on as quickly as possible. Unlike the other places we had stayed that were hot during the day, Echo Bay was still hot all night. Only dropped down to the mid 70s overnight. However when I turned the air on, it almost immediately blew the fuse. I had nothing else running except the frig so I didn’t understand why. I finally texted Ryan and he thought that the frig and air together drew too much power for I put the frig on gas only and the problem went away, or so I thought. Because we had such a big lunch and it was so hot, we settled for cereal for dinner. We did walk around the campground a couple of times with Joey but it was really too hot to do much so we just stayed inside and huddled.

Sometime in the middle of the night the inverter started beeping. Now when we are on shore power, the inverter doesn’t really do anything unless the power goes out. Which apparently it did. I got up and turned off the inverter, I didn’t want anything damaged, and went outside to check the power. We have a surge protector on the power cord and I could see it was not on. I was hoping it was a glitch and that the wind hadn’t knocked out the power but I tried the connections and the power went back on. Then off again. I decided to just unplug everything and replug it in and it started crackling. That was not good. We were lucky enough that the park had adjoining site hookups next to each other and since no one was in that site I just hooked up the electric there. Thank goodness we had cool the rest of the night and didn’t have to move sites the next day.

Very hoy day 27


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