Because the frig was on gas and one of our tanks had run out in Joshua Tree, we wanted to get the other tank refilled. So we went into Overton. There was no place to fill so we had to exchange the tank. Gas was too expensive so we held off on that. We knew we could get it cheaper someplace else. We also had to go to the store to pick up a few things. Fruit and soda leading the list. Keith wanted to know if I wanted to go back to the Hoover Dam to get my stamp since I didn’t have my passport the last time I was there but I didn’t want to drive 90 min one way just for a stamp. I wanted to go see Valley of Fire which was on our way back to the campground. Also Keith wanted to stop at a place called KUPPA JOE for a fancy coffee. He had seen it online and it had great reviews. Since I don’t drink coffee, I got a pina colada smoothie. Lucky for me it was mostly ice so it wasn’t too bad. Keith loved his coffee. But he also got 2 bagel breakfast sandwiches and a pesto grilled cheese sandwich. Why we needed so much food I don’t know. Especially since I had made egg salad back at camp. Now I’m not a huge fan of pesto (gives me a bit of an upset stomach) but I did try half. I was good. Keith loved his breakfast bagel.

Armed with propane and food we went to Valley of Fire. It was absolutely gorgeous. I mean the colors were so beautiful and the rock formations were so unique. Even Joey liked the trails. But again it was hot. So very very hot. We went to the vistor center and got stickers and magnets cause that’s what I do now. Because of the heat we didn’t walk many of the trails, I was worried about Joeys paws, but we drive all around and even to the highest point in the park. Just as a side note, Valley of Fire was Nevada’s first state park. Huh!  I, of course,  took tons of pictures as did Keith. We will have to weed through them later.

After the park we went back to camp. Again really didn’t want to eat much. I had gotten watermelon which tasted great in the heat and the left overs from the stuff Keith bought earlier. It was a little cooler than last night so we went for a walk with Joey. The moon was full so I got some fabulous picture of it rising over the mountains. Another wonderful day.

Valley of Fire Day 28

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