Today we leave Nevada for Utah, one state closer to home. Although I wasn’t feeling homesick, I was getting a little tired of constantly moving sites. It was a fairly short drive, just 2 1/2 hours (which is 3 1/2 with Keith) and we got to Quail Creek State park at about 3. Now we are expert at set up and although it was a bit tricky backing into the site, it was paved and had water and electric hookup. We were up and running in 30 min. Quail Creek is on a reservoir that looked so cool. They allowed dogs on the beach and I do believe we have now created a monster. She LOVED the water. I mean she wanted to go in and fetch sticks and run. She didn’t quite figure out the swimming part but she sure was enjoying the splashing part. Each site had a picnic table with a fly and a firepit. Unfortunately no wood fires were allowed. Since we arrived so early I decided to make ribs for dinner. Keith actually grilled them and I made potatoes and cauliflower. They turned out fabulous. It was really windy so I didn’t go kayaking that night. The next day was supposed to be sunny and hot so I reserved that for then. We just sat outside or walked around the campground letting Joey jump in the lake the rest of the night. Relaxing uneventful day.

Slow news Day 29

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