Travel day again and we were still staying in Utah but moved to the eastern part of the state. We had about a 3 1/2 hour drive from Quail Creek to Millsite State Park and we had to be out by 11 so we were on the road by 10. Quail Creek didn’t have a dump station so we had to go to the Texico station right before the freeway. It cost $5 but the next place didn’t have a dump station either so what can you do. So we got all that squared away and hit the road. Keith has some difficulty driving for long stretches and we had skipped breakfast so we stopped in a place called Richfield Utah for gas and something to eat. Keith always likes to eat at local places and avoid the chain restaurants but sometimes I just want to get where we’re going.  But I relented this time and found a local sandwich/ice cream shop called “Ideal Dairy”.  It seemed to be exactly what we were looking for. And it appeared to be a very popular place.  I went in and got Keith a club sandwhich and me a beef and pepper panini. They also had homemmade chips and a fresh strawberry shake I had ro get. We ate in the car and then started driving down Main Street to get back on the freeway. As we drove, we passed the cutest park I’ve seen outside of the movies. I reminded me of something out of Gilmore Girls. There was a bandstand and kids playing on a swing set with moms looking on. People walking their dogs or just strolling through the park. We both wished we had eaten lunch here. Keith got out and took Joey around while he had a cigarette.

We got back on the road but had spent almost 90 min in Richfield so it was almost 3 by the time that happened. We continued along and as we headed toward our campground the terrain got really desolate. I know I’ve said it before but Utah, at least southern Utah is very barren looking. The rock formations are grey or powdery white. And no vegetation. Barren. We had about 5 miles to go to get to the campground and I was again wondering what we where going to camp, what it would be like. But as we came over the top of a hill into Ferron, everything greened up. There were trees and shrubs and green grass. We got to the campground and were pleasently surprised. All the sites were pull through and paved. The Millsite Reservoir was beautiful. And the whole thing was ringed by bronze colored hills. It was really lovely. It was so easy to park and set up we were done in under 15 min. A new record.  We were even able to get the awning up in no time. Soon we were sitting on our chairs, watching the water and trying to keep Joey calm before we took her down. The beach was right across the road and the sand only about 20 feet wide to the water.

Since we had a big lunch we weren’t really hungry for dinner so we just had cereal again. Then we took Joey down to the water. The shore was muddy, really muddy. To the point that you sunk down 4 inches into the mud. And this continued on into the lake. Joey didn’t care she just wanted to go in and fetch sticks. The more you threw sticks in the happier she was. And she was very very happy.  It was hot so we kept the air on that night and went to sleep with a muddy (couldn’t get it all off) tired dog.

Water dog Day 31

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