Well finally got underway. Thought since we couldn’t go yesterday because of the inverter we would have smooth sailing. Wrong! The hitch lock would NOT lock. For Keith found a hitch pin so here we go. We decided to just drive straight to Springfield and go back and do the Illinois portion
at a later date. But we got just south of Rockford and saw that the frontage road was actually Route 66. So we started our “trip” there.

The first town we came to was McLean. A very cute little town.                            They have Route 66 train depot that was absolutely adorable.




From there we followed Rt 66 to Atlanta. Jackpot. So many Rt 66 things to see. Seth Thomas Clock in front of 1902 library and a nice Rt 66 mural. They had a Route 66 sign painted into the road.  They even had a park dedicated to Route 66. Joey and I had out picture taken in one of those pictures with the face cut out.  So cute! Then Keith and Joey met Pail Bunyan Muffler man. Atlanta is the halfway point for the Illinois portion of Rt 66 so in a matter of a few hours we were halfway through Illinois. Not really, we will be doing this portion more thoroughly another time.  We then got back on Rt 66 and went through Elkhart and then Sherman. Didn’t see much there.


We were about 30 miles from the campground so we just headed there. It is beautiful. Even brought Sadie. There is so much more I will update soon. Atlanta was why we took the trip.  Not much of an update for the first day but I promise it will get better.


Easy Day 1

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