Deciding to do as many national, state and county campgrounds as possible and the fact that the stop after this one had virtually no campgrounds at all along the way meant this next stop was only an hour away from the Grand Canyon. We were camping at Kaibab Lake campground in Kaibab National Forest.  Nice campground but really no services. Luckily we still had water from the Grand Canyon (it takes soooooo long to drain it so we just keep what we have when we have it) but they had no dump station.  So we tried not to put too much in the grey tank. Once we set up, we made lunch, egg salad sandwiches and frozen cantelope, and then just chilled for a while. Soon after we arrived a couple set up camp next to us. Keith got a sly smile on his face and said “Look at their license plate”.  It said Route 66.  We got to talking and they had some great stories. They  had moved from Ohio to Nevada and had also done Route 66.  We asked where they got the plate and they said you can find them everywhere. We will have to look. They also gave us some suggestions on what to see in the area. Nice people.

We needed a few more groceries since we didn’t get  them at the Grand Canyon, so drove into Williams, a small town on Route 66. It really embraced the whole Route 66 experience. This where the Grand Canyon Railroad leaves from (and they have a Polar Express at Christmas time I would LOVE to do). They also had shops and restaurants that oozed Route 66 memoribilia. We stopped at Pine Country Restaurant for pie for dessert and then walked around the town. We went to the Visitor Center where I got a magnet (my new collection) and some post cards. From there we just walked. Happened into a store brimming with Route 66 stuff and wouldn’t you know many Route 66 license plates. Of course we bought one. Put it in the back window of the truck. We kept walking, stopping as people admired Joey, who was being a really good girl.  As we walked Keith asked if I wanted a marguarita, he saw a place that had outdoor seating. At first I said no but the I thought why not. So we sat, I got a marguarita and Keith got a Route 66 lime soda. We ate chips and talked to the people next to us. They snuck chips to Joey. When their food came, Keith wanted to get something besides chips. So we each got and echilada. They were really good.

When we finished eating and drinking, we headed to the grocery store. Got everything that we needed and the checkout lady put in a code so I got the discounts.  We headed back to camp, realizing dinner wasn’t going to happen. We were full. So we walked Joey again, ate pie and relaxed again. I like the relaxing part. I’m doing a lot of that.  Couldn’t do a fire, there are burn warnings all over New Mexico and Arizona. So we have only had one fire so far. Bummer. So we walked, talked and then went to bed.

Lazy Day 17

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