After the first three eventful fun filled days we’ve had so far in our projected 42 day trip, what excitement does day 4 have in store for us. Will it but fun but uneventful?  Will it be full of drama?  Let’s find out

After the rain and the wine the day before, we took another leasurely morning of walking the dog.  We had cereal again so we could use up the bananas and slowly packing up for our next move. We had our route planned out and were ready to go.  We have found that driving Route 66 which is the rural back roads and the frontage roads is really much less stressful that the freeway. Even though it takes longer (2-3 times we found out) it was more vacation-like than just driving. The scenery was beautiful and the little towns quaint and cute.  And the history was definitely worth seeing. Also when the freeway is at a dead stop because of accidents or construction we just keep right on going slow but sure.  We are the tortoise!!

Although we didn’t stop in each little town, there was always something to comment on and/or photograph. Bourbon’s watertower, Skippy’s cafe, Missouri Hick’s BBQ, and the old service stations.  And then you would happen upon a gem.  Like the little town of Cuba, MO.  Betty Davis and Amelia Earhart both stopped in the small friendly little town. And they have immortalized in 2 of the many murals painted around town.  Walking these streets and seeing these amazing works of art (because they truly are works of art), you see the pride the people of this take in their heritage. Then there are the old building restored to remember the years past when Route 66 was the main highway from the East to the West.

Continuing driving provided more photo opts and beautiful landscapes. Like Fanning’s giant Rocking Chair in the parking lot of the Fanning Outpost General Store. If you need it they have it.  Not really but you can for sure find something you can’t live without even if it’s just a piece of fudge. Next pearl was in Rolla.  The place was A Slice of Pie and was it ever. Or should I say 4 slices of pie and a pan of rolls.  They had so many kinds to choose from but I managed to pick cherry crumble, blackberry crumble, strawberry rhubarb and lemon meringue. As we drove, taking photos of the interesting, we realized that after 4 1/2 hours we had only gone about a third of the way to our next destination. So just east of Springfield we decided to get on the unofficial Route 66 road i.e. the freeway. It was getting really late and we hadn’t eaten since the cereal and had still had 3 1/2 freeway hours to go.  So we hopped on knowing that we would be back to spend at least 2 days in the Mother of Route 66, Springfield, MO.

As we headed to the next campground we actually got back on the original Route 66.  And this took us to Carthage. Before we headed west where Route 66 turned south we stopped in Carthage for gas and food.  And again there was a treat waiting for us.  Looking for something not fast food but that would accommodate Joey, we found  Bommer’s BBQ and Catering.  Wow!!! Even though it had a fast food feel the food had the taste of a high end BBQ place. I ordered the pulled pork sandwich with the hand fried chips and Keith got the brisket sandwich. (Joey got both)  So so good. Wished we could have eaten more. Time though now to get to our site for the night.  Southeastern Kansas is not exciting or populated. We drove for 3 hours and not sure we even went through an unincorporated town. But at one point on the trip we again lost /broke something. Keith said he saw something fly across the road from the back of the truck/trailer. It turned out to be a piece of molding from the trailer that had actually been cracked when we got it.  I hope this is the end of this incidents.

Driving to the campground felt like we were going into an abyss. But we eventually got there. Set up went smoothly and we actually had our first fire while I had a glass of wine and piece of lemon meringue before bed.

Long Day 4


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